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From Web Design to PPC Marketing: How to Generate Future Clients for Your Business

So, you have built your website (or you are thinking about it), make sure that your design and branding touches on the best marketing practices and you are now wanting to build your brand in order to gain future business.

It’s at this point that most people begin to consider PPC marketing. PPC is one of the most popular marketing techniques businesses use nowadays. It’s easy, has very big sales potential and most importantly, is budget-friendly. But the thing about PPC is that it can quickly cost you a lot of money.

Yes, it is budget-friendly, but only in a way that it allows you to set the amount you are willing to spend. It is in no way capable of giving you direct sales.

Client-based businesses are at risk of losing money from PPC marketing if they do it wrong - or if they neglect to do it as part of their overall web design and marketing strategy.

To help you skip the phase of learning from a costly mistake, here are some solid ways to generate clients using PPC marketing.

Build a Brand Conscious Audience

Let’s start by focusing on your branding and PPC marketing on Facebook. The design is mostly taken care of for you - but you still need to brand the page in a manner consistent with your web design in order to build continuity and a community that identifies with your service.

Then comes the steep learning curve. Using PPC marketing on Facebook is very tricky. You’d think that putting up branded ads promises you clicks, likes and shares.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If people see that you don’t have enough of an audience who believe in you, this could also pull them back.

The best way to solve this sales hindrance is to build an audience, and you can’t focus on PPC marketing alone to achieve this. This advice would be quite useless if you do that.

You need to incorporate your design and branding into the PPC process. This not only creates social trust but also imbeds brand consciousness on the prospective client or consumer.

Consistent Branding

There are a plenty of PPC management tools and services used by both PPC management agencies and business that can help you to create the perfect campaign. But there are also a good number of easy-to-establish strategies that almost anyone can begin to implement.

One way to build an audience on Facebook is by creating a business page.

To begin, always build a page using that company’s name. If you are working alone, name that page with your name and the services you offer.

Once you have done the legwork (Web design, interactive page content like contact forms, blog, about and privacy page) it’s now time to start gathering a clientele. You might start with “false” followers (i.e. people you know personally).

Eventually, you’ll end up with a significant number of followers and your credibility will rise with that number. With enough of a following, search engines will also begin to value your online presence.

Once you have this at hand, the PPC clicks you receive will more likely end up leading to a new patient or client acquisition.

Offer Content in Your Ad

It’s understandable to be hungry for new patients or clients. Closing leads the goal of every small business. But more often than not, the old saying “slowly but surely” is the path of greatest success.

Every once in a while, offer relevant, informative content in your ads instead of just promoting your business. Articles and videos are some of the best ways to gain people’s attention and trust.

Once you have successfully acquired people’s trust, you can eventually squeeze in your sales pitch. Sometimes, you don’t even have to do anything. Once you get people to believe in your knowledge and skills, they’ll knock right on your door to do business.

Come up with a number of informative articles and videos that you can promote on interest-based platforms like Facebook. Creating content for your ads - say, on dental hygiene and perhaps significant advances in dental treatment can help expand your authority and your audience over the long haul - even if they don’t garner immediate conversions.

Video advertorials that have solid content - useful to your target audience - can also create a steady stream of new visitors and is a good long-term strategy.

Add Value to Your Website

For keyword-based platforms like Google, you’d want to retain the people who click through an ad to enter your website. Having a low-quality website design with zero relevant content could push potential clients away.

Make sure to fill your website with all the information people expect to get. Incorporating regular articles and blog content as well as rich media can increase readership and consumer loyalty. and other site content. This is not only great for retaining site visitors, but it will also help your organic search engine rankings.

Value Adding

Value Adding as part of your web design and content strategy is a key component to the success of any PPC campaign.

Some of the things you can do are explain what your business is about and showcase your work, your experience and your qualifications. These should be standard for any branding endeavour.

Create pages for the reviews you have received and then show off your portfolio - if you have one.

The best thing about your own website is that there is no limit as to what you can put in there, unlike Facebook or LinkedIn. So grab this opportunity to beautify your site and fill it with content that will prove to be valuable to your target audience.

Good design leads to good conversions, which in turn ensures that your PPC campaigns and other marketing efforts provide an acceptable ROI.

Don’t Forget About High-Intent Keywords

High-intent keywords refer to the type of keywords that are obviously directed towards a purchase.

For Example: “buy [brand] sneakers”, “the cost of sneakers”, or “discounted sneakers”.

People who type in these keywords are generally at the decision-stage of their online browsing. They have already made up their minds and are now looking to spend. To make your PPC marketing worth the investment, target these kinds of “Buyer-ready” keywords.

Some niches are more competitive than the others, so add a number of other keyword techniques to take advantage of this strategy. Some of the things that you can do are make your high-intent keywords long-tailed.

Adding a geographic location to your keywords is also a clever way to get good leads.

Give People the Information They Need

Some business owners are so sales hungry that they end up misdirecting potential clients. To generate clients and to close sales, don’t forget to match the keywords and titles you used in your web design with those being used in your PPC ads.

If you promised content that tells them “How To Find The Best Dental Clinic in Michigan”, give people just that. Don’t lead them to a landing page that is irrelevant to their search query.

To close a new client, patient or consumer, consider the mindset that people have when they click on your ads. Are they looking for immediate service? Are they just looking for a long-term family practice?.

Focal Point: Give the Site Visitor What They Anticipated: Both in Word and Landing page Design.

The answer to these questions will have a direct effect on the wording and web design used in your PPC campaigns and your landing page web design.

Overall, PPC marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques any business can take advantage of. It is a top strategy for dental and orthodontic clinics and allied dental health services.

If done right, and in harmony with your site design, content and usability, it can provide an excellent return on your investment, reach thousands of new clients and, keep your existing clients coming back.

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