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Hey guys welcome to the Dental Marketing Guy Show, today the number one Dental SEO factors. We have a great episode today!

Today we’re discussing the #1 factor in Dental SEO!

I’ll cut straight to the chase.  The #1 factor in getting your website to outrank other dental websites comes down to one little word: COMPETITION!  As anything you’d to expect where rankings are involved, SEO is a comparative contest.  If you’re in a dental practice which is one of 2 in your town, SEO is not required.  SEO is the LAST thing on your mind, in fact.  But if you’re a cosmetic dentist in New York, you’re in for a footrace.  So we can talk about back links and title tags and blogging and blah blah blah until we’re blue in the face.  But at the end of the day the only thing that matters in SEO is whether or not it’s making your phone ring.  All the technical jargon is nice to hear in order to make sure your SEO professional knows what he’s talking about, but here’s the harsh reality every dentist needs to face right here and now… if you’re unwilling to do what other dentists are willing to do… that’s it.  You’re done.  That goes for SEO, that goes for how you answer the phone, that goes for how the office smells, that goes for the way you give a shot, I mean forget about SEO for a minute and let’s talk about the realities of dental marketing.  Everything you do and DON’T to is marketing.  SEO is just one of those things which you have to decide: is this something which I’m willing to outperform other dentists on?

Anyone who knows my dental marketing philosophy understands that I don’t believe you’re actually competing against other dentists.  What you’re competing with is Las Vegas, Mercedes, superfluous spending.  But when it comes down to SEO, yes you’re absolutely competing with other dentists and in everything you do you have to remember that if another dentist is willing to do it, you need to either outperform that dentist on the same playing field, or you need to outperform them in another way.

The key to developing a comprehensive SEO strategy is to FIRST develop an idea of how hard your fellow dentists are willing to fight for that top few spots on Google.  If you contact me for a comprehensive analysis of what you’re up against, that’s a great first step.  Contact me if you’d like to find out more about your unique search situation.

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