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Top 5 Myths in SEO

Top 5 SEO Myths

Hey guys welcome to the Dental Marketing Guy Show I'm Justin Morgan the dental marketing guy. Today we're talking about the  top 5 myths in SEO.

SEO is a scam  You know, this one becomes less popular as time goes on and more and more information proliferates the internet with geometric proof that SEO is part of an overall online dental marketing strategy.

The way I explain the overall “birds eye view” of SEO is like this: Every search engine aims to offer the best results possible.

In order to do this, they can’t just offer random, arbitrary results.  They can’t even offer a rotating set of results they hand pick as most relevant and credible.  Search engines must use algorithms which index as many pages of content as possible and list them in the order which is calculated to be the best experience for the user.  Basically in a nutshell, as long as Google tries to be best, there will be criteria you can adhere to in order to be the best result.  Until these market forces are revoked from our world, SEO is a mainstay.

It may take one form or another, but one result will always be better than another result.  Sadly, some dental offices have been approached by very cheap SEO Companies promising #1 rankings for $49 per month or some outrageous number.

If anyone offers you SEO for a rate which is not commensurate with the competitive landscape, it might be too good to be true.  The only way to find out how difficult it is for you to rank is to assess the competitive landscape, which an SEO consultant can perform.  If someone promises to rank you without doing a bit of research first, this is not a good sign.  Even a tiny bit of keyword research for a few minutes can reveal a plethora of otherwise hidden gems of knowledge.

Google will figure it out  Figure what out?  That you got higher grades than the dentist down the street?

Google can only go off so many factors.  They’re not going to have a conversation with every dentist in town to see which they trust the most.  They have to go off a certain set of criteria which you must meet in order to be their preferred dentist in search results.  If you’re not taking the time to figure out which criteria are being used by Google, what makes you think they’re going to pay you any favors?  SEO is rational and reasonable.

Let other dentists play roulette with their practices, their retirement funds, their inability to find new patients.  You will be all the wiser for taking this boon of new patients seriously.

Link building is black hat SEO Links are a reality of a great website.  If you don’t have them, you’re probably not that great.  Just sayin’.

This myth may have been due to a misinterpretation of Google’s head of web spam, John Mueller.   He wrote an article on Search Engine Land about how manipulative back link building can be if you use automated back link building tactics with software.  Yes, there are manipulative tactics available but there is a right way to earn inbound links.

Proper education, such as the kind available by the Dental Marketing Guy Show on YouTube, can help you discover the difference between malicious back link building and the great earning of inbound links.

Rankings don’t matter because patients just Google our name Let’s talk about new patients.  The kind that you’ll never get the opportunity to treat.  Because you weren’t willing to rank for keywords such as “dentist (my city)” and now they go to Dr. Downthestreet because he earned their trust through an email drip campaign in which he educated prospective patients about who he is, who his staff is, and what his office is like.  He might have even taken these warm leads and made them piping hot for invisalign or implants or even a profitable restorative case.  All because he was highly visible on search engines. Then, he nurtured the relationship, automatically.  It all started with a high search engine ranking.

SEO is all hacker tricks SEO is not about hacker tricks, SEO is about creating a better user experience for your perspective dental patients and creating shareable linkable content for your perspective dental patients to find on search engines.

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