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Sharik Peck

Justin: Welcome to the Dental Marketing Guy Show. I’m Justin, the dental marketing guy and today it is a distinct privilege to interview a very important guest. You’re going to want to hear what Sharik has to say, he is from a company called, he’s got a product called the Rezzimax tuner. Now this is really, really a cool episode because Sharik has agreed to give away a free Rezzimax, a tuner. You’re gonna learn all about why this matters to you and your practice, why this is important for your patience and let me just tell you I met Sharik over at the CDA, the California Dental Association and he and his brother, an orthodontist, Sheldon Peck. They were actually showing everyone what this product can do and really, really interesting, you know, in a market where, you know, a CEREC and cone beam and all these things are all really, really big decisions. This might be the kind of product with a much lower price point that you can kind of get into and actually offer a really, really good patient experience if you follow the Dental Marketing Guy Show, you know we’re all about patient experience, we’re all about word of mouth marketing, we’re all about creating a remarkable experience and, you know, technology is where things are going so if you find that you’re looking for technological improvements, man, this might be worth checking out so at the end we’re going to give that special offer away to one of the viewers, one of the dentists and man, let me just tell you a little history here. The little bit I know about Rezzimax and then Sharik will be able to take this on and explain a lot better than I can. So Sharik Peck is a physical therapist and his brother, who is an orthodontist, Sheldon Peck. They were on a mission to develop a system of non-narcotic pain relief for those suffering from TMD, neck pain, and migraine headaches with over 35 years of combined experience and a passion to help patients take home a solution for chronic pain and they developed a system that works for immediate and lasting pain relief. You know, first of all Sharik, how are you?

Sharik: I’m doing great, thank you, happy to be here.

Justin: Excellent. It’s great to have you and I can’t wait to learn more about the features of your product and how it applies to dental offices and really makes a great patient experience up but could you please start by telling us  story about, you know, kind of the history of Rezzimax and the story behind l that.

Sharik: Well for many, many years I’ve been trying to figure out how to help my wife with chronic neck pain and later we realized that she had some serious problems with her temporomandibular joints and she couldn’t open her mouth very big. She didn’t have a lot of pain but she always had tension in there and one day we realized as I was trying to help her with her neck pain that that temporal mandibular joint issue was a significant part of it. I spent a long time trying to figure out how we could help her with both the neck pain and getting the jaws to loosen up and that led me to experiment with different forms of therapies that use electrical stimulation. I used just everything in my tool bag, I guess, to help her and one night I woke up in the middle of the night and said vibration, vibration will do it. I better figure out how and I've spent the last six years trying to understand how to be able to use essentially resonance to be able to get the nerves to calm down, to get the muscles to calm down and take the pressure points out of there.

Justin: Excellent. Excellent. You know I think that's really interesting, you know they say necessity is the mother of invention, you know, I love talking about, you know, new emerging technology. I had Fred Joyal, founder of 1800Dentist, on the show just the other day and then we were talking about how technology and patient experience go hand in hand. So I just really love the fact that, you know, you've got a product that has proven effective for you and for your wife. can you, how basically, how, tell me a little bit about how this applies to dentists and let's kind of get into, you know, some of the dentist might wonder like “can I carry a Rezzimax Tuner for my patients?” and how do they get involved in that.

Sharik: well once we figured out, essentially, how to down regulate or turn off the pain response in the nervous system and we do that through the trigeminal nerve, same one we inject to deaden it. There’s several branches there that we can utilize to be able to calm down the nervous system. Once we figured that out it was a simple recipe. We developed a device we patented it and we just introduced this device into the market back in February, it's really easy for a dentist to be able to carry this, for them to be able to perform it on their patients. I've got videos on my website showing all the common techniques for headaches, for TMJ, for neck pain and essentially what we figured out how to do is just calm the nervous system down and the pain just melts away when we do that and yes it's very easy for them to carry that and to resell it. We have a great plan in place to sell it to our dental friends and have them resell it to their patients. I'd love it for them to send it home with their patients that has a wonderful experience right there in the dental chair.

Justin: That's great. that's great, and so this is, you know, the dental office, a lot of Times, dentists don’t want to be thought of as a retail office but this is really where, you know, when you trust someone when you know, like, and trust someone you tend to be more open to the opportunities to buy from them and I think, you know, maybe dentists don't always take advantage of that, you know, it's very, very important whether it's a Sonicare toothbrush or a product like the Rezzimax Tuner. you know, people are willing, if you're willing to spend ten thousand dollars on dental work over the course of their life you can bet, you can bet they're willing to spend a couple hundred bucks on something to remove pain and, you know, if there's, you know, as much as people like to talk about how expensive dentistry is the bottom line is people rarely have buyer's remorse. people don't say “oh gosh I really wish I had an extra thousand dollars in my bank account so that my job could be throbbing and I wouldn't have had to do that root canal, I wish I was still in pain.” So, you know, it’s kinda the same thing though, right. I mean, maybe if you tell us some stories of like people who have used this in the dental field. Your brother's an orthodontist, maybe you can tell us a little bit about that, some experiences that they have.

Sharik:  You bet. my brother and his practice, it doesn't prescribe any narcotics anymore or a pain relief for headaches and he's greatly reduced his need to develop splint therapies because once you teach those muscles to down-regulate on their own, it takes away a lot of the chronic tension that builds up in there and so headaches go away. One person in particular that I think of had been off work for six months due to chronic migraines. this gentleman, you know, was the leader in his company he was a was a plant manager but he had had to be off of work for six months straight because he could not function with the serious migraine headaches. He used a precursor of our current version and started to teach his migraines to stop going into that pattern and it becomes a pattern of the nervous system. Once you break that pattern, this gentleman was back to work in three weeks and it took him about two months to be able to completely break the migraine patterns and stop having those headaches and we see this all the time. I have people that, you know, two or three or four migraine headaches a month after they've used this tool to tune their nervous system and it only takes daily, three to five minutes a day over the course of about a month, they can train their nervous system to stop going into those stress patterns and it just changes their life.

Justin: So there's actually a long-term benefit, it’s not just “oh I need pain relief right now.” as you use the product it actually starts to build some momentum within your nervous system to relieve pain.

Sharik: Exactly. You might think of it as bio feedback on steroids. We essentially teach the nervous system through a very simple technique. I ask people with the device and, you know, this is the device. We put it against pressure points that are bilateral so that were getting both sides of the brain at the same time. We ask them to hum to the vibration with their tongue in between their teeth. this sets up a nervous system response that engages the vagus nerve via the recurrent laryngeal branch and an inhibition response in the brain that says “don't bite down on your tongue.” that inhibitory response for the jaw muscles and that tuning effect, because of the vagus nerve being involved, teaches the brain how to stop going into its tension patterns and it's very quick. It just it learns, it gets better as it goes.

Justin: That's incredible. That’s really interesting, you know, (inaudible 10:40-10:49). I've got some feedback going on here. Okay. We’re restarting ok, and you know that's really incredible, you know, I went, I was at the CDA, I tried using this and, you know, how dental conventions are, man and you just up on your feet, moving all day and it was really interesting, you know, and  I don't have any big symptoms so I wasn't able to experience that huge transformation that a lot of people who do have migraines, a lot of people do have these types of dental conditions but I I can tell you, you know, it felt good, you know, there is a little bit of tension and relaxation and, you know. So for those that really do suffer though, that's your target market, right?

Sharik: Yes. Our target market, if you were to look at our exact group that we're looking at, it's a probably 18 to 55 year old female. They’re the ones that deal with a lot more TMJ, TMD problems. males have problems but they don't have the pain associated with it that are treated in the dental profession but they suffer much more to a much higher degree with migraine headaches and a lot of those chronic conditions that this is perfect for. Their brain also works a lot faster than the male brain so it helps their nervous system to tune itself, to learn how to calm itself down and sleep better. In fact sleeping better is probably one of the first things that they notice after using this tuner.

Justin: Well I’m sure all the female dentist watching the show are huge fans of you right about now saying their brains work faster. So they actually, they may respond quicker to these, to the stimulation is that what you mean?

Sharik: yes they do and actually it's a truth that the female brain has nine and a half times more white matter which is the connectivity inside the brain and so yes they're very much, they’re sped up much faster than the male nervous system in responding to thoughts and suggestions inside of the brain.

Justin: Excellent, excellent. And so, now obviously your brother, you got a good connection with him. He’s an orthodontist, any other dentists that you can think of stories that they've told you as far as patients who have just had a total turn around.

Sharik: Yeah. I've got a number of, one of the dentist that just loves this tool says that the most remarkable thing for him is to see a person after a long procedure and have their pain level at an 8 or a 9 out of 10 and within three minutes that pain level, by the time they're ready to leave the office, is down to a 1 or a 2. That he says has transformed how they work on people and it changes their whole experience in the dental office to be able to walk out of there and not have such a significant amount of pain. We have a number of dentists that tell me that their staff, because they've got a whole team of people that all have TMJ issues or chronic headaches or sinus congestion. That their staff will use this tool on an almost daily basis as much as they use it on their patients just to keep them in top-notch form. It’s been a lot of fun, this is a new product out. we've only got probably 450 of these out into the, out into the marketplace so far since the 1st of February but it is gaining popularity very quickly. It’s, I believe it's going to be one of the greatest new inventions out there to take away pain without medication.

Justin: That's great, that's great and you know so many people avoid the dentist because what people associated with the Dennis?

Sharik: “That's gonna hurt, it's gonna hurt.”

Justin: Yeah, yeah. Pain, pain is where it's at, you know, there were actually, a client of mine was telling me a story of one of the organizations, I don’t know if it’s the ADA or the government or who, but someone said you can use the word painless in dentistry as a marketing term, you can't coin that term because there's no such thing as painless dentistry. so this is dentist actually changed his last name to painless, they call him the painless dentist and they're like “well okay I guess you can do it now.” but yeah, I mean, it's pretty much illegal to call dentistry painless but when you think of pain relief you don't think of a dentist but so this is really an interesting scenario where you can actually associate pain relief from going to the dentist and dentist do this every day. this is the thing, is dentists get a really bad route, you know you're, if you're doing root canals, if you're putting people out of paying, you're prescribing the current narcotics and whatnot you're getting people out of pain, you’re aligning their teeth, you're getting everything done just right and yet the reputation is the opposite. Your reputation is “Ouch, that's what I think when I go to the dentist.” so this is such a great opportunity to allow, you know, the dentist who are watching the show. Look, you know, you're able to actually be associated with at least trying to eliminate pain, right. so if, even if the product didn’t work it shows that you care like if you just buy a few, put them in your office, it shows that you actually care enough to do that sort of big, right?

Sharik: Oh yeah. we love seeing this device used with children and it's probably easier to help children with their pain than it is adults but a lot of the fear and the tension is developed even before you stick a needle in and if you can use a device such as this local resonant or vibration device and put it near an area where you're going to work on, it just interrupts the signals to the brain saying that something painful has happened and it helps the child, helps the adults be able to engage their brain, focus it on something else rather than the pain that is created and you'll see a person start breathing better, you'll see him relax their fingers that have the death grip on the handles, you'll just change their experience dramatically by just interrupting that pain signal.

Justin: Wow, so you would recommend using it before giving a shot.

Sharik: Oh we have dentist use is it while giving a shot because it distracts the brain to the point where you don't feel it.

Justin: Wow that's incredible. Okay, where can dentists find you, where can they find you?

Sharik: At our website is they can email me, it's or find us on our Facebook page, where we post videos occasionally of how we treat people but they can go there and see the videos right now at our website of how to turn off a migraine headache in minutes. They follow the steps it almost always will turn off.

Justin: Excellent, excellent, you know, I do SEO for dentists and online marketing and web design and all that for dentists and let me tell you, man, they’re, when you've got a differentiating factor there's no better differentiating factor perhaps in all of dental marketing than showing that you care and showing that you have empathy and that you actually want to put people out of pain. so by carrying a product like this, this might be a way for someone to show “Hey, you’re a dentist and you have this product sitting on your shelf and you told me about it and educated me about it and you use that when I do the shot.” maybe they don't buy it, maybe they don't have migraines, maybe there all these conditions but think of the message that you're sending, the marketing messages that you care enough to do this sort of thing so it's not a CEREC, it's not a cone beam, it's not a huge decision. You don't have to run it by all the board members of the group. You can just pick this up and see if it works, you know, just give it a try. So excellent, we can find your, you know, we got to come to a close on our time. I know we're both busy and our viewers are too but let me tell you, Sharik, thank you very much for coming on and educating us on this.

Sharik: You are welcome. Thank you for your good work.

Justin: Thank you. Alright guys if you have any questions feel free to reach out, comments below. You can reach out, you got Sharik’s contact information, you got the website, you can watch those videos, and you can hear about what it’s doing and just feel free to reach on any time. If you've got a guest that you want to see on the show, I’d love to see if it's a good fit to have them answer some questions for you. Once again thank you, Sharik and thank you to all of you watching the Dental Marketing Guy show.

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