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2 SEO Principles | SEO and Referrals are the SAME THING

Welcome to the Dental SEO Show!  I’m Justin Morgan, aka “the dental marketing guy,” and I’m here to tell you that you already know SEO.  That’s right.  In fact, you’ve already done some form of SEO throughout your life and you might not even realize it.  Now if you’re still with me, you’re in for a treat.  Especially if you’re a dentist who knows little about SEO.

Search engine optimization is essentially a 2 step process.

First, there is the strategic side.  It’s a theory, or philosophy, if you will.  It’s about understanding how search engines work.  And we do that by understanding WHY search engines work.  So this is the first step, and I’m going to tell you the single most important thing you could ever hear about SEO in your entire life, right now.  If you’re like most dentists, who are trying to be the best dentist possible, and would rather forget about SEO, this is the single principle you need to grasp, and you can let everything else about SEO go entirely.  Here it is:

What Google aims to be, is a human referral simulator.  It aims to replace word of mouth referrals.

Second step in the process is determining what criteria Google is looking for in determining who’s really the best for each and every searcher.

You see, every time you “create content” which is maybe saying that you’re a dentist at a chamber of commerce meeting, or wearing your logo on a shirt, or writing your bio for your website, or helping someone who’s in pain, or giving a speech about dentistry or donating your services to charity…whatever it is that you do… regardless of the intent of your heart, the consequence is you become more authoritative to those in your community on dental issues.  This is real world marketing.  And SEO is just a technical version of this very thing, online.  See dentists already intuitively understand SEO, at least in concept.  Because that’s really all it is, and all it ever will be.  Algorithms will change.  Searcher intent will change.  And the way SEO is done will inevitably change with it.  But SEO is just the online version of being a human referral simulator.  And if you currently get referrals, but don’t currently have high search engines rankings, I’d love to help you find out why that is.

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