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Is Live Chat Right for Your Dental Website? #22

Is live chat right for your dental website? That’s the question before us today on the Dental Marketing Guy Show. I’m Justin, let’s delve into this.

There has been much discussion on the general town forums about whether or not live chat works to gain new patients. Whether or not its HIPPA complaint and whether or not it’s worth your time to train your staff. To answer live chat enquiries from prospective new patients. While I believe, based on other dentist experiences that live chat is a viable idea worth pursuing. We should approach this marketing issue the same way we would approach search engine optimization, web design, direct mail, or any other medium.

First of all the fact that a certain medium is successful for one dentist is not a reason to believe the same results will be replicated for your practice. If you’re taking a comprehensive dental marketing approach, you don’t have to worry about every shiny object is being the Hail Mary for your practice. You should approach each valuable idea with caution. But also with the confidence that if you don’t play, you can’t win. Live chat may be a great solution for your general website but it all depends on your target market which services you offer and what your overarching online marketing goals are with you website. Whether or not live chat is right for can only be, definitely answered one way- testing. Why not give it a try for your practice today? If you’d like help setting this up I’d be happy to point you in the right direction. Lots of companies offer this service but only some appear to lay claim to being HIPPA compliant. Among those who do claim to be HIPPA compliant, I'm not going outside my scope to directly recommend a specific company as far as HIPPA is concerned.

That’s outside my field of expertise in online marketing. However, there are experts and those kinds of experts can be found in our Dental Marketing Guy show interview series. Feel free to subscribe to the Dental Marketing Guy Show on YouTube to learn more from the experts in every field of dentistry, from Howard Farran to Tuan Pham to Christopher Phelps. Everyone who has value to add your practice is delivering their knowledge to helping  you succeed in you dental practice. Subscribe today to learn more and feel free to reach out if there’s a question you want answered.

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