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Hey guys it's the Dental Marketing Guy Show. Today we're talking about a hundred and sixty pages of newly released Google leaks. What is it mean for your practice.

Hey guys welcome to the dental marketing guy show, episode 2 thanks for joining me. We're talking about Google leaks today we're talking about a hundred and sixty pages. If you're on if you're in the marketing section the forum there, you know I started a thread about this very topic this new information.

Now here's the thing is this Google leaks there definitely new to the public and an abridged version has been released in certain places throughout history however this is the first time I’ve actually talked in depth about the findings of their studies. All the findings all one hundred and sixty pages can be broken down very simply and everything is consistent with common sense, everything is consistent with everything if you've been following dental marketing guy blog, the dental marketing guy show, any of the posts on Dentaltown that I make. You'll know that these all consistent with everything that we know. I want to break it down just some very basic principles because these hundred and sixty pages basically boils down to you mostly on page SEO factors so for those of you that don't know on-page SEO is the website itself. It's the website that you have and you know basically all the factors that go into what your website is whether it's friendly to search engines whether prospective dental patients are getting what they want from it that's huge and so these new principles outlined in this hundred sixty-page Leaks. Basically go over these types of things, when someone lands on your website we have three questions, there's three questions that every website has just a few moments maybe a few seconds to help the personal basically ordinary intelligence level of ordinary pursuit needs to be able to figure this out really easily.

The first question is what is this website about it?

It might seem like your website is about dentistry but sometimes it's not so clear what some of these things that we see some of the things that we see are our stock photos you know you see like smiling people, they're not custom photos there's some generic taxed maybe duplicate content copied from somewhere else on the Internet. This kind of stuff is not really high quality in fact a lot of the dentist who see the show. What I'd like you to do is take a look at your homepage and take a look at your “about us” or “ meet the team “ page and I guarantee you nine times out of 10.  If you haven't had your website design by someone who knows general marketing really well a lot of times the homepage is inferior to the “ about us page to the meet the team page “  because that's really what people are looking for in fact I know there's another dental marketing company who's doing YouTube videos really successfully talking about in one of the episodes, hey you know the about us, to meet the team, meet the doctor those are the links that are clicked first but someone lands on the home page and it makes sense because what is the website really about? as a dentist's it's about you so if you've got stock photos right there above the fold if you have you know kind of generic tax all over the place. This isn't really helping anyone this isn't what they came there to see, so your About Us page is probably superior to your homepage so that's something to keep in mind because sometimes what the website is about you're like well of course it's about dentistry, it is! It's about the dentistry but it's not really about dentistry because they can go to the ADA website they can go anywhere they go to Wikipedia why did they come to your website to get to know you so that's something to keep in mind, what is this website about its about the dentist it's not about dentistry.

Now the second question is what action can I take? What can I do here?

If the website is cluttered with links if it just has links all over the place is a bunch of things pop and all over the place. It's kinda like I used the analogy a cat a barnyard cat, can go into the barnyard and if there's thirty forty hundred mice, guess how many mice that cat catches 0 , he's so inundated with catching all the mice that he end up catching none.  When you have too many actions, too many calls to action, everyone talks but you gotta have a call to action, gotta have a call to action but too many calls to action caused people that frees up they won't take any action so what can I do your needs to be very very narrow you need to have one or two options that really silo user into exactly where they want to go to most so at that is usually effective with clean web design by clean I mean something that doesn't have too many distractions or too much going on too many leaks. You can put him in the footer if you've got blog posts a hundred different services whatever it is that you're offering, you put those things in the footer nothing wrong with those links but up at the top of the full people gotta know where they're going to go so that's something very important to think about is narrowing down my choices so they know what the websites about the dentist. They know what they're gonna do, they're going to click to click the video if you have a video. Almost always click that video they're gonna watch that video, if you don't have a video they're going to click to watch the photography, if you don’t have the photography they're going to click to to read headlines and going to scan. Most people are not going to read the entire coffee thoroughly so that's another thing about before you invest too much in copywriting is definitely video photography much more powerful for the average perspectives dental patient.

The last question that your website needs to answer is why should I do it?  Why should I take this action?

Now that I know what the websites about and I know what I should be doing, why should I? and if you don't have a compelling reason for that then your website going to fail. They gonna go back to Google they they're going to click on your competitor, they're gonna get the answer that they want and then they're gonna going to convert on that website and when that happens SEO becomes very difficult. It doesn't matter how many off pH factors you have, this whole Google leaks study 260 pages is all about mostly on-page factors so usage metrics. How people behave when they go on your website if someone goes your website and they go back to the clicker competitor and then they convert it looks very poorly on your website and eventually even if you are doing SEO it's your rankings are gonna probably slipped depending on competition level.

The three questions what is this website about what can I do here and why should I do it, so this is essentially that's everything will down 160 pages that's it! in a capsule some of the details artificial intelligence Google's forming algorithms based on real people assessing real websites and they are taking information and they’re formed into an algorithm there's a new algorithm and a new name but it's probably an old algorithm but a new name is rank brain and so what they're doing is they're trying to form artificial intelligence to figure out what's a good website with a bad website and they do they're doing that through human testing so that's something to look out for is when Google gets a hold of an algorithm that can effectively judge whether a web sites, algorithmically judge whether a website is good or bad that's gonna be huge. Another detail your money or your life this is this is where websites are held to a higher standard than say you know an informational website like Wikipedia you're gonna be held to a higher standard when you're dealing with people's money in people's lives dentistry you deal with people's lives basically you know attorneys doctors investment firms financial management and you're asking for someone's trusts you handle their money or big decisions in their life real estate things like that is obviously applies in dentistry because you're affecting their life in a very big way. You're gonna be held to a higher standard but also competition level if all the dentists around you are making all the same mistakes then it's going to be really easy to ranked number one. This is something that gets discussed a lot on dentaltown is OSU easy OSU hard. There is a spectrum just like in any sport it is a comparative model if you are in an easy league you know if you think about you know if you compete in sports in high school or whatever, if you're if you're an easy lead you can hit win the league and then you get to the to the next level and depending on what level that's out there might be easy I might be easier when we might be easier when state in one state compared to another but eventually what happened but i think is gonna happen is Dennis are gonna catch on to being really good at following these rules these hundred and sixty pages but I'm boiling down for you. Competition level definitely matters. Can you do you can you just launched a website and have it ranked number one in a certain area where dentists are not following these rules. Absolutely and you don't need to do SEO but if you're in an area where it's competitive New York cosmetic dentists you're not gonna just threw out the website even if its nice without doing any SEO the right number one because there's a lot of competition there so you at least have your website in order and that's what this is about.

The last detail I thought was worth mentioning is freshness. Freshness is becoming more and more important so blogging updating your website making shirts well maintained. This was emphasized throughout these Google leaks and this is basically it, you know you're welcome to check out the link below this video on dentaltown there’s a thread on it. Basically we're looking at these three questions need to be answered really well and then you're off on it start you know I just I wish you the best of luck with that and you know if you have any questions,  just let me know among dental town in the comments below this video we've got a blog there I have actually 100 factors for dental SEO actually working on that blog post right now today and we read about I think 80 right now and we're working on all the most meaningful ones by no means comprehensive because there's hundreds of factors but that I mean I think I'm the only one who's  putting together this list, so that's another important when you check out but you know this is basically we can answer these three questions when you land on your website that's what the dental prospect. The prospective patient needs to answer, not you what is this website about “ What can I do here “ and “ why I should do it “ and if you answer those three questions very quickly you're on your way to rate is really high!

Hey thanks for watching I hope this helps you if you have any questions just let me know.

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