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Dr. Sunny Pahouja, DDS: Talks About Patient Experience

Lifetime Smiles Dentist Sunny Pahouja Treats His Patients Right!

Dr. Sunny Pahouja talks on The Dental Marketing Guy Show to discuss what he does at Lifetime Smiles in Cincinnati to help patients have an unexpectedly pleasant experience!

Transcript of Sunny Pahoujah DDS Interview on The Dental Marketing Guy Show:

Justin: Alright we’re live, welcome to the dental marketing guy show; I’m Justin the dental marketing guy. Today it is a huge honor to have Dr. Sunny on the show. Dr. Sunny has some really interesting ideas on how to improve patient experience and how that can actually help your bottom line, and your practice, and really help with referral’s, help with case acceptance, help with everything, and he’s got some really good ideas and actually specific tips, that’s what I like about some of the things he’s done to help with that.
We also have my co-host Vlad, and we are going to delve right into this, how are you Dr Sunny?

Dr Sunny: Great, it’s Saturday, I just had a beer and I’m doing great, how about you guys?

Justin: Really great

Vlad: we’re doing great, we really appreciate you taking an hour out of your Saturday to come help us out and do this show with us

Dr Sunny: sure

Justin: so, let’s talk a little bit about what red carpet treatment is

Dr Sunny: absolutely. So, one of the things that we really strongly believe in, is that if you wanna keep a patient long term, not just for 6 months or a year or 2 years, but if you want a patient in your practice for 5-10 year; you’ve really got to be able to provide them that red carpet treatment, not just 1 time, but every single time. That means from that very first call, when they’ve called to make an appointment, when they’ve called to find out, do we take their insurance or what their insurance is all about, having a smile on your face, having those moments with the patient that other offices may not actually really dive into.
So when a patient first walks into our office we greet them with a smile, we don’t just say ‘hey here’s a medical dental history form fill this out’ take a few minutes to get to know the patients, take a few minutes to really try to understand what their needs are, try to understand why they’re there, and then take a few minutes to go over some of that stuff and then go into the dental. There’s so many parts to it and I’m sure we can spend a lot of time discussing each and every component of that and that’s what I’m here to discuss today.

Vlad: awesome, you know, I was just speaking to a dentist, and I was trying to convince them to start marketing towards a wealthier demographic in their area, so their location is located in an area that’s not as nice as where their ideal patients live in, and you know what you’re doing is exactly what I’m trying to get them to do, and essentially convince them that ‘hey, the way that you get this demographic in your practice is to treat them like a million bucks’ because their worth a million dollars, most of them are millionaires, but they really get the million dollar treatment anywhere they go, or the red carpet treatment, and I think that that stands for most people and I think that is huge, what you’re doing Dr Sunny, is a great way to really retain high end patients, especially for dentists that aren’t located, or dentist that are in metropolitan areas, where one neighborhood could be great, one neighborhood might not be, it’s a great way to attract and retain those high end patients.  What caused you to start the red carpet treatment?

Dr Sunny:
well you know, one of the things we truly believe in is, we treat anyone, from people that have lots of money, to people that you know don’t have any. We treat each and every patient with that same level of respect you know, we’re not basing our treatment on how much money they have, but their true needs are, of course finances play a big role in all of that, so once you get to know the patient, once we find out what their desires are, what their financial situation is, then you can cater that treatment to them. But each and every patient deserves to really get the best treatment possible, you know once, before I go into the details, I remember this one patient of mine from when I was an associate, a few years ago. He came in and I think we saw him park his car out there you know, it was a very, just beat up old Toyota corolla, and he just had long hair and he didn’t really smell the best, and all his clothes were messed up, we started looking in his mouth and he said ‘it’s been probably been well over 10 years since I’ve been to the dentist’ and you’re like ‘wow this guy needs perio treatment, he needs a lot of fillings, he needs a lot of crowns’. Well we still did the same thing, we didn’t base our treatment plan on what he was wearing or what he had, what he was driving and that kind of stuff, or how he smelt or what he was or how he talked, and that kind of stuff, and once we started talking about his needs he says ‘I really want to get established as a good patient, I want to take care of my health, that’s what I’m here for’ and we go over the treatment and it was pretty expensive it was probably 6-7 thousand dollars’ worth of treatment that he needed in the near future, and we presented it to him and I said ‘take some time to think about it and see how we can get this done for you’, and over the next 2 years he actually got every single treatment that he had to get done on his treatment plan, everything. It took him 2 years but it was worth it. So it just reminds me of that story, and to never base your decisions on how somebody looks or how somebody’s sounds or what they wear and that kind of stuff. When it comes to patients, not everybody that dresses nicely has the most amount of money, or people that don’t dress as nicely have no money, so we really try to make sure we have that clean mind of giving patients what they deserve, really just go into their needs, and wants, and coming up with a treatment plan that suits their desires.

Vlad: what kind of impact do you think that’s had on your practice at the end of the day? Having that type of red carpet treatment for anybody that walks in through your doors?

Dr Sunny: again, I think that red carpet treatment, a lot of times starts with that phone call, and I want to take a moment to point that out. When a person first calls, a lot of the time they’re just asking questions like ‘do you take my insurance?’ ‘are you taking any patients?’ and what not, so, that’s not the first answer the associate, or the front desk gives them, the first answer is really just thanking them for calling, telling them about the practice, where we are, what kind of patients we see, and really just taking about 2 minutes or so and talking about the doctor, I think that is the key point, in prepping that patient that when they come to see us for the first time they can expect that red carpet service, not just from the employees, not just from the front desk person, or from the hygienist, but truly from the doctor also. I can’t tell you how many times I hear things from the front desk or the office ‘when you see Dr Sunny, your gonna love him, he’s amazing with this kind of procedure, or that kind of procedure’ and patients want to know that kind of stuff, patients want to build that trust but it’s easier for them to build that kind of trust when they know a little bit about that doctor, where his from, how long he’s been here, they tie in the doctor that I bought the practice from, so when you have a patient that, and they have that trust built in, that they can come to a practice and get the best treatment possible.

Vlad: that’s great, that’s awesome, so from the very first phone call your letting them in on the unknown, because that’s really what’s scary about going to a new doctor of any kind, or going to a new service provider of any kind, there’s things that you don’t know, and then theirs things that you don’t even know that you might need to know, because it’s been a long time since you’ve been to a good dentist, its phenomenal that you do that from the very first phone call.

Dr Sunny: absolutely and its funny that you say that, it’s been a long time since anyone’s been to the dentist, for a lot of people it’s been a long time since they’ve been to the dentist and they think that someone’s going to make fun of them for not being to the dentist in such a long time and they think that, people are going to judge them for being in that situation where they haven’t been to a dentist in 5 or 10 years and they’re embarrassed, and I think the key is to never make them feel embarrassed, never make them feel that they have a lot going on and it’s their fault, we always tell the patients ‘you know I’m glad you came in today, today is the best day to get started what you need to get done.

Vlad: I went a year and 3 months without going to the dentist and I actually had an experience where a hygienist wasn’t teasing me in a fun way, but giving me a legitimate hard time that I didn’t go to the dentist, I think at that time I hadn’t been to the dentist in I think around 9 months, it was only a few months after the scheduled 6 months treatment just because you have a lot going on and then I ended up moving and I moved and it was a year and 3 months you know when you move nobody likes to go find a new dentist after you already know a dentist, and some of the reasons that we just talked about, and it was a year and 3 months and I thought ‘oh there just going to tear into me and soon as we start having that conversation’ and no, the dentist was great the hygienist was great, and they make me feel like a million bucks so I keep going back to them and no there’s no hesitation for me to go there.

Dr Sunny: absolutely and that’s the key you’re not judged for not coming to the dentist every 6 months, there’s more to life then dentistry for most people, quite frankly and we get that.

Justin: definitely, let’s start with one specific thing, there’s actually a procedure in your practice Dr Sunny, were every patient, is treated like you said it doesn’t matter how they dress or what car they drive, they’re treated like you said with 5 star treatment, or red carpet treatment and can you give us 1 example of how you do that for every patient.

Dr Sunny: sure, thank you cards go a long way, when we first see a patient and it’s kind of easy and a lot of people say it , when you have 4 patients on a schedule for the day, you have 4 thank you cards ready in the morning and you’re gonna get to know the patient and write those up the same day that they’re there and what we do is, we don’t just say ‘thank you so much for coming to this practice’ and just sign it, we actually write one to two lines about specific things that they talked about when they were there, they might have said ‘ hey my kids go to the school across the street and we just moved to the area’ we’ll say that in the card we’ll say ‘it was so nice meeting you yesterday, we’re happy that you chose us, we’re so happy that you moved to the area’ we’ll say the name of the school across the street, saint Ives, we’ll say ‘saint Ives is such a great school for your kids, they have a great education there’ and just tie that into their personal lives outside of dentistry, it really means a lot to patients and I can’t tell you how many times a patient comes back for their 2nd appointment or 3rd appointment and they say ‘we got your card that was so thoughtful of you to remember what we talked about’ and that just builds a lot of the loyalty, that’s what builds that internal marketing, that’s what builds that level of trust that they’re going to tell their family and friends about us.

Vlad: awesome, so from that initial phone call, that’s where it starts, you give them that 2 -3 minute introduction, then you send them the thank you cards after, so what would you say are some of the red carpet features during that visit.

Dr Sunny: take a few minutes’ to talk to patients about their needs, talk to them about what they want. A lot of times the office manager will actually take the patient and just show them around the clinic, ‘this is where the rest room is, if you need something, here’s water, here’s coffee’ just things like that, that your attaching to that patient. ‘these are the hygienists that we work with, these are the assistants that we work with’, your trying to get them to know the people that we employ, from the get go and that’s not very common, the very common thing to do is that when a patient gets here, you give them a dentist medical history form, they fill that out, the hygienist takes them back, takes x-rays, and then calls the dentist, and a lot of the time were trying to do a lot of that stuff from the get go so it takes a little bit of time I understand that it’s not the most fastest way of doing things, but we want patients to keep coming back, we want patients to keep coming for their re-care appointment’s, we want them coming back for their treatments and that’s what it’s about, it’s not about ‘we’ve got to see 20 new patients a day’, that’s not the goal here.

Vlad: it’s not hard to imagine a return in investment just by being friendly

Dr Sunny: absolutely, it’s priceless because most of our new patients are word of mouth, from the people that we already see, so we already have that built in trust, they say ‘my mother in law comes here’ or ‘my friends come here’ or ‘my sister in law comes here’ so you already have that built in trust with a lot of these patients and then it’s even better because you can actually take about that other member that’s just sent them here and just tie the pieces together. We have some patients that when you add up their families their immediate families there in-laws, it goes to an excess of 30-35 patients. It’s amazing.

Justin: There’s probably a lot of dentists’ who are thinking right now, I’m just putting myself in the shoes of our listeners and viewers on YouTube, there’s probably a lot of dentists thinking ‘you know what that’s great sunny, that works for you, but man, my staff, they’re just not gonna write the cards, there not gonna do this or that, they’re gonna think its pointless, who wants coffee before a dental appointment, it’ll make them nervous’ I can just think of all the excuses being made right now by all the dentist watching right now thinking ‘that’s great that works for him but here’s all the reasons why I’m not gonna do it’ what would you say to those dentists who are going through that right now in their minds?

Dr Sunny: absolutely, a lot of people complain about those thing and I don’t think there’s 1 slam dunk thing that you do that makes it all worth it, I think it’s a lot of small little things that you do, when patients get done with their fillings or crowns and those sort of things, especially with crowns you take impressions, it gets messy and that sort of stuff, we’ll get them a warm towel with a spray on it that smells nice and that’s just another example, However, I think it all starts with having the right team and one of the things we truly make sure of is when we hire a team, or I hire a member that is working for us, we make those expectations clear. Your right, a lot of dentists are gonna say ‘well my staff isn’t gonna do this’ but when you have systems in place and you have expectations in place, then you hold people accountable, it works, and 1 of the things that I hold each and every person accountable for is having a smile on their face, and I tell each and every single person this early, especially when their hired, in our weekly or our monthly meeting, from Monday morning, to their last patient, whether that is one a Wednesday or a Friday, the goal is to always have a smile on their face, and I tell them, I don’t care if you’re having the worst problems in the world at home, or in your personal life, when you’re here, you’ve got to put on a show. And that’s what it’s for. And it’s not a bad thing, it simply just means when you’re here, you’re here to do your job you’re here to serve a purpose and that’s to make those patients lives easier and their visits more enjoyable by coming to us, and it’s just one of those things were when you take on a task and you divide up that task by small little tasks then you can make a bigger impact, so it’s not starting out with everything, its starting out with some things and I’m sure we miss out on a lot of those things here and there but the key is to just kept trying and not get to the point where you start something –drop it, start something else –drop it, it’s one of those things where you’ve got to start something, get really good at it, finish that, then start something new.

Vlad: It sounds like you have a pretty good work culture

Dr Sunny: absolutely and please understand why, when a patient calls up at 4:30 in the afternoon, they have a choice of saying ‘hey we don’t have anything until tomorrow morning’ or they can say ‘hey I understand you have an emergency, let’s get you in right now and try to take care of it’ it’s when you’re on the same page, things get done, when people aren’t sharing a culture that you have, when their not sharing what your mission is, then it’s a problem.

Vlad: So how do you keep your employees motivated, how do you get them to continue to give that excellent service?

Dr Sunny: sure. I think 1 of the things; you’ve got to pay them well - I get that, but more importantly, is just recognizing their efforts, most of the time we get so used to saying ‘good job, great job’, but when you get used to tying them to specific examples, and thanking the employee for something, ‘hey thank you so much for taking care of Justin, he was extremely nervous when he came in for his filling and you really made him feel at ease, so thank you for that’ when you tie that with specific examples, it means a lot to that employee, then just saying ‘hey good job today’, because then they just get used to hearing the same thing over and over, but when you tie those things together, you motivate them by being spontaneous, a lot of times I carry these $5-$10 gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, in my pocket, and If I know I’m running late, not only will I give them to the patients, but I’ll give them to employees randomly. So if I notice that one of my employees worked through lunch, I’ll say ‘hey, thank you so much for working through lunch today, I know you weren’t able to get a whole lot of lunch today, but here’s some coffee on me for this evening or tomorrow.

Vlad: that’s phenomenal, I have a video that talks about treating patients, if you’re late, doing the exact same thing, giving them a $5 Starbucks gift card, but what I was trying to get to was, you probably treat your employees the same way you want your employees to treat your patients

Dr Sunny: absolutely and that is absolutely a key

Vlad: and I think what we have to remember is people are people right? I started my career in sales, to pay my way through college, going door to door, I started there, I’ve done everything from that, to software sales, to fortune 500 sales, to fortune 1000 companies, and what you’ll find within any company or organization is, people just want to be recognized for their individual efforts, and yeah you’ve hit the nail on the head, I think doing that is awesome, and its creating a culture to where the machine runs itself, you know the employees are going to perform certain way.

Dr Sunny: absolutely, and I think that’s a key thing, we always have a culture of trying to take care of our issues, and we’re not a perfect practice by any means, and we talk about this all the time, we’re not out there to create a perfect practice, the goal is not to be a perfect practice, the goal is that you strive to become better and you hope that what you knew yesterday, is more then what you knew the day before, and that what know today, is more then what you knew yesterday, and that’s the goal, to have that mentality that pushes your employees to get better every day, that’s really one of the keys, and also I think it really ties into the fact that the employee sees you treating patients with that respect, and integrity, and honesty, they see those things, and they want to do those things for the patient as well, so it pays off.

Justin: and you don’t necessarily have set rules, where it’s like, a set procedure, like ‘okay, 3 report building questions when they get in the chair, that have nothing to do with dentistry’, I know there’s other consultants out there who are like ‘here’s the rules’, and maybe that appeals to dentists because it’s almost a clinical style of marketing

Dr Sunny: And the reason we don’t have that is because it’s a little bit hard to gauge that information from each and every patient, some people could be very type A personality, and somebody could be straight to the point where they just want in-and-out and, you just have to kind of keep those conversations to a minimum, and get them in-and-out, there’s people that love to talk, and as long as you let them talk, as long you let them tell a story, they’re going to be happy with you, so even just reading their body language, it makes a big difference. If I notice somebody that has a t-shirt or a sweatshirt with a sports team tying that into the conversation when you’re talking to them, there’s times when I’ve caught myself talking, and then realizing that the patient really isn’t that into it, so I’ve got to find a way to just cut this out and get to the clinic, get them in-and-out, and that’s what they like, and believe me we have a lot of patients where, we have a guy that just came in on Thursday, he’s been coming to the clinic 30 years, he came in after the selling doctor, I’ve seen him 3 times and he’s very much straight to the point, ‘tell me what’s wrong with me, tell me what I need to get done’, he doesn’t want to talk about anything but what’s wrong with his mouth, and that’s just the way some people are, and that’s okay, there’s some people that love to talk about anything and everything, and that’s also where you’ve got to try to cut that conversation to a reasonable level, so that you’re not running behind also

Justin: I think that’s one of the biggest concerns for dentists, like ‘if I become the Ritz Carlton of dentists’, it’s gonna be a runaway time suck, it’s just gonna take all of my time’, also then dentist say ‘this is just going to cost and cost and cost’, but then how much is that Cerec machine? How much time and research went into buying that steric machine? and if you add up all the hours it takes to the point you spend all that money, that’s a huge investment, meanwhile, nobody knows what the steric machine is, it’s not on the website, it’s kind of counter intuitive, because, compare the steric machine, and all the time and money it takes to get it, to a thank you card ala hallmark, that’s nothing! It’s nothing and you actually have all your employees sign the card right?

Dr Sunny: Absolutely, once we write up the card, we get everyone to sign it and it’s easy, I mean how long does it take for 1 to sign a card, you know it doesn’t take more than 5 seconds to do that. We basically will have those cards done by the end of the day, and every employee will have the chance to sign it at the morning huddle, they’ll seal it and then the mail man will take it that day, so we know for a fact that it can’t take that long to sign a card. And guess what, when we have a family that comes in together, sometimes the mum will come with the husband, or the mum will come in with the kids, your , your basically sending one card to the whole family, you’re not sending out 4 different cards at that time, so it really doesn’t take that long to send a card, and people will talk about it, and we don’t try and customize those cards by our dental logo, it’s just a very generic thank you card, its blank on the inside that allows you to write a few lines about what your trying to do, and then you sign it.

Justin: The barrier to entry here sounds, when your explaining it piece by piece, and of course I’m sure there’s other specific things you can share with the viewers, but really what your describing is really easy, the barrier to entry is really low, but mentally, what do you think it is that causes the average dentist to just say ‘I just don’t want to do that’, do you think there are doubts that that will actually work or do you think that most dentist have just gotten in their way, where this is just ‘ the way we do things’ I’ve heard that one of the most dangerous statements in business is, ‘this is the way we’ve always done it’, and so what would you say to challenge those dentists who are watching, to really jolt them, and really convince them that, thank you cards, it’s not that big of a deal but it’s going to make a huge impact on referral’s, on case acceptance, things like that, or maybe I can ask the better question; is there a point where the light bulb came on for you and you said ‘okay, this is working’?

Dr Sunny: yeah, it was really probably a few years ago, when I was an associate, and we started doing thank you cards, and patients came back and said ‘hey we got your thank you card, thank you so much for that, no other dentist has done that’, that was kind of the moment when I said ‘we’ve got to start doing this with every patient, all the time’ so, I think when you talk about people doing things because their used to doing things; it is that times change, the way we do things has to change, and that’s one of the things we strive to accomplish as a team, not just myself. We have to be adaptable to change, we talk about this all the time, it’s ‘if you can’t work with change, don’t work here’, it’s really as simple as that, and I can tell you we’ve had the conversation with a few of our employees, that ‘when we gave you our employee description, very clearly, it was written that; this is what you need to do not limited to, not including, that this job description is evolving, things change and you have to be adaptable to change’, there are things that the guys down the street are doing that we’re not doing, we don’t offer the Cerec, so we’ve got to be able to do things little bit differently, because we get those questions every now and then ‘what about that ad I seen on TV, do you guys do one day crowns?’, so we have to navigate those and explain to the patients why we don’t do it, its takes a little bit of that conversation builder it’s one of those things. If we all had that mindset, that we have to be adaptable to change, people would be more successful, so that’s my take on change; that you have to be adaptable to change, there’s really no way around it in this business, I mean 10 years ago no one talked about SEO or Google Adwords or digital marketing, and now it’s all about that, it’s kind of like the huge decline in paper advertisement’s and an incline of digital advertisement’s, and that’s changed, and that’s just the way that it is. A lot of guys don’t like it but we understand that that’s the way it’s going. 10 years ago there was no Facebook, there was no big talk about Facebook, there was no twitter, there was no Instagram, Facebook was just starting out and now that’s kind of the norm, and people rely on that information to keep up with time and those things. Nothing different then CE, don’t dentist take CE?

Justin: yeah, and it’s amazing what dentists do with CE, of course its required, so I think that’s part of why they do it, but I think the attitude is,’ we need to constantly be improving ourselves, there’s so many industries where they don’t have CE, and yet there’s one industry where we defiantly have CE, and there’s still resistance to learning, it’s crazy. With marketing, it’s almost as if, I think some dentists are saying ‘if I do this, if I do red carpet service, if I do google add words, if I do video production, if I have a nice website - well if I have to do that, then I’m just not a good dentist clinically’, but the truth is, nobody knows. Nobody knows if you’re a good dentist, and the marketing is all there is, it’s all there! It’s how you treat them, it’s how they feel in the chair, before, there and after.

Dr Sunny: you’re right and I think it’s important to provide excellent care, there’s no doubt about that, I wouldn’t want to work on my patients, and have an great reputation, and not be able to provide excellent dental care because sooner than later that’s going to catch up with you; but to just focus on clinical care and not worry about all the other aspects of dentistry, is just silly, because patients don’t know what a margin looks like. We get very specific on shades of crowns, and patients don’t know that kind of stuff, what they do know is how they are treated when they were there, how they were treated in the chair, how they were treated by his staff or her staff so there’s more to just clinical care and people realize that, I think it’s just sometimes hard for them to act on it.

Vlad: I think what’s so tough is that 20-25 years ago, when website’s where first busting out, dentists didn’t really have a website until around 15 years ago, and a dentist having a website was kind of a faux pas, and now, you’re taking a role that used to be focused on a lot of the clinical, and with very little focus on the actual marketing and advertising and getting patients to come In, but now that part has grown tremendously, now you have to have a website, now you have to do some kind of marketing and advertising. The role of owning a dental practice has so much more information that you have to do, that you didn’t 20 years ago, now you have to do a lot more to stay competitive.

Dr Sunny: absolutely, I agree. There’s no doubt in that, and I think a lot of people just get hung up on the fact that they have to spend a lot of money to do that, and you have to make some kind of investment, however, the small little things don’t cost a lot of money, they just cost a little bit of your time and dedication, and when you realize that and you have kind of mastered some of those systems, it really doesn’t take a lot of time, it just takes that practice to be able to hold that conversation, to be able to read the body language and being able to just get it done. Somebody told my front desk, and I think it was actually a big tip that ‘before you answer the phone, actually smile big, and then pick up then phone and say what you where going to say, be able to hear you smile’, and she started doing that and it worked amazing, and it’s just small things like that, that make an impact on your bottom line - It really does.

Vlad: Doctor we appreciate you coming on the show, you actually touched a little bit on a feature episode we’re going to be doing called the ‘the dental dream-the million dollar practice coming back again’, so it’s a really good lead on it

Dr Sunny: absolutely, thank you for having me, I appreciate the opportunity to do this

Vlad: Awesome and Dr Sunny can you tell us where your located again and the name of your practice?

Dr Sunny: I’m in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the name of the practice is ‘lifetime smiles’; the goal is to give these people a smile for their lifetime.

Vlad: Awesome, that is Dr Sunny of ‘Lifetime Smiles’, my name is Vlad from and Justin, take it away.

Justin: excellent, I just wanted to say in closing that, I was talking to a dentist last night, he’s a general dentist, but he wants to pivot towards a little more cosmetic.

He was telling me about how in Europe, where they have socialized medicine, dental work is ‘free’, and the guys who are private ‘fee for service’, obviously their doing well for business. How does that even exist? When you have ‘free’ public service. This is kind of like a bigger form of insurance, it’s like, where we have insurance companies sort of beating down prices in dentistry; how does someone become fee for service?
And it’s by doing what you’re talking about. The guys in Europe are immaculate, not only clinically, I’m talking about the fee for service, the social dentistry is a free for all, but you have the guys who can charge top dollar even though it’s free everywhere else. And if there’s ever an example of the fact that there’s always a market for high quality dentistry, there’s always a market for good patient experience, that’s the example right there, that’s the model.

So here in America, where things are a little more free market, to hear people make excuses like ‘oh, I don’t take their insurance’ or ‘there’s no way I could do these thank you cards, there’s no way I could invest this time, and people, and care this much’, I mean look at the guys in Europe, they’re killin’ it, their making so much money in a market where they should not be, so I think it’s great that you’ve shared these tips, this is clearly do-able, the extreme model is in Europe, so here in America, its definitely do-able, not just possible, but likely to succeed, as you have.
So yeah, I like fact that you got specific, we didn’t just talk, you didn’t just say ‘treat the patient right’, we actually got into it. If they wear a Lakers jersey, and they bring you a referral for $20 000 restorative cosmetic case, you’re sending them a Lakers jersey, your thanking them in person, your shaking their hand - don’t pinch the purse strings, get personal, it’s worth it, the market is here for sure, thank you so much for your expertise Dr Sunny, and once again that website is ‘’ and I really appreciate you coming on to chat.

Dr Sunny: absolutely and if anyone needs to get in contact with me, to chat or to ask me questions, they can just call me and I’d be happy to talk to them.

Justin: cool, so thank you again to the guest of honor, Dr Sunny, and my co-host, Vlad from, and we’re gonna sign off, and if any of our viewers have any questions we’re going to have the podcast version, and we’re going to have the video version on YouTube, so you can just leave a question in the comments, if you have any questions for Dr. Pahouja or for Vlad or for myself, I’m the Dental Marketing Guy, thanks for watching the ‘Dental Marketing Guy’ show, take care.

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